WELL FUCK ME! every time i write, i feel like eons have passed since the last entry. lets see, whats new? im 18 now lol, how dangerous. got my snake tattoos around my wrists. went to colorado. went to echo lake where sol left us. went to the columbine victims graves. went to columbine. i saw the school with my own eyes. it all felt so distant, like it happened so long ago. but the memorial righ there doesn't give anyone even the CHANCE to forget. they did so well. im so proud of dylan & eric. they did all that. ALLLLL that. so many different cemeteries. so many graves. nall because of them. god. its so possible. theyre so inspiring. all sorts of security & laws are now in place bc of them but they wouldnt have wanted that so i cant hold it against them. the stanley hotel. my niko took me to the hotel that stephen king got the idea for the shining in. that... that sentence was not worded correctly. or maybe it was but it didnt sound right. shining hotel! stayed there on the 29th, our last night in co. up until then we stayed in such a cute air bnb. odd looking exterior. odd area. perfectly fine place to stay. i enjoyed every second. we got blackjack pizza one night, the place reb used to work. im picky w/ pizza but it was rly fuckin good. the view from almost anywhere was insane. its so beautiful out there. i rented a car & niko drove us around. he did so well. us two, in a car, in colorado, blasting our music. heaven. heaven, heaven, heaven. back to the stanley though hahahaha. ummmmnnn iimm im. I am engaged. my niko proposed to me. he asked me to marry him. he got me a BEAUTIFUL ring. he got down on one knee. he really wants me. he really wants to be with me. i cant believe hes real. hes everything. he is my everything. when i was reading my last two entries i saw that i mentioned the ring sizer & such, so of course it wasnt a COMPLETE surprise. but holy shit i wasnt ready for that. i mean i WAS, i said yes obviously. but holy shit?!!?! im fucking wearing an engagement ring. gah. um. its like 3AM now. last 'night' i went to sleep at 9AM, woke up at 1PM & worked 2-10. the two nights before that ive been up until 4 & 5 as well. i think its because im @ mas, my grandma. i moved in with her. im done with my dad. or, living with him at least. i could go more into depth about that all but i am getting tired. i just wanted to note that i made it to & from colorado & that im engaged. the dad-complaints can wait. goodnight. OH SHIT WAIT ONE MORE THING. GOT FUCKED IN THE SHINING HOTEL. FINALLY. god bless