well. i guess now is as good a time as any. im writing again. for what - i dont know. it feels right. i read some of R+V's journals tonight. part of me wants to verbaitim a bunch of their writings into the second book. but i also want to use it as a continuation for when i run out of space in here. i dont really want my first attempt at transcribing my head to be written in a hot pink pocketbook. there were no good dark notebooks at motherfucking DOLLAR TREE. i want to hold out for a better book to write in. but i need to get thoughts down while theyre still fresh. on my period. breaking out. beyond mad about it. i wanted to call volume two a 'new bible' but ive decided against it. i hate the bible so i want my collection to have no affiliation with it. lavey did that though. the satanic bible is a thing. i dont think ive hit the point where i identify as my own religion just yet. its a work in progress. im still laveyan. i need to sleep now. im going to the ~schoolhouse~ tomorrow. at least theyve got cute walls. ill start volume two tomorrow, reb wouldnt want someone trying to reword his writings. instead ill quote him word for word. because "if no one quotes you, you probably havent said a thing worth saying."